Recorded Webinar: How to Identify New Prospects for Business Growth

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Prospect and customer profiling will help every aspect of your business, from sales and marketing messaging to delivering stellar customer service. Understanding your best customers will empower your staff to better connect with customers in every way. And it all begins with a quality analysis of who your customers are, what their needs are, and how you can reach them in the best way. Whether you sell to consumers or business professionals, this webinar can focus your time and money in the best possible way for sales and marketing success.

With your order of this valuable recorded webinar, you’ll also receive for FREE the accompanying templates in StepByStep Toolkit for Creating Profiles of Your Best Prospects, an additional $47 value for FREE if you order now.


Recorded Webinar
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SBS Template
Toolkit for Creating Profiles of Your Best Prospects

SBS Template
Toolkit for Establishing Your Competitive Edge

This recorded webinar is hosted by sales and marketing expert Diana Pohly — Diana will walk you through how to complete the templates and why each step is important. You’ll get hands-on guidance in a step-by-step format on customer profiling that includes:

STEP 1. Describe the Buying Process for Your Product or Service. With 4 easy steps, you’ll outline the who, why, when, and where of your customers’ buying process.

STEP 2. Describe Who Buys Your Product/Service. Whether you have one major product or service … or as many as 16 that serve different customer segments … this next step will guide you in describing key characteristics and traits of your typical buyers.

STEP 3. Create a “Needs Profile” of Your Typical Customer. Once you’ve identified the buying process and pin-pointed your buyers’ traits and characteristics for each customer segment you are targeting, you can build a clear set of needs and desires against which you can develop strong brand messaging. Profiling the emotional aspects of your customers’ thought processes is just as important as knowing their demographic characteristics.

And remember, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, How to Identify New Prospects for Business Growth in 3 Easy Steps can help. Act now and order ! We look forward to helping you develop powerful customer and prospect profiles, step-by-step.

To your success,

Diana Pohly
President, The Pohly Company
Founder, StepByStep Sales & Marketing for Small Business

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