Recorded Webinar: How to Identify and Prioritize Your Competitors With 6 Easy Steps

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Establishing your competitive marketing strategy will help every aspect of your business. And it all begins with a competitive analysis, well executed, that will lead you to a clear and concise competitive strategy to boost profits. Conducting basic market research has never been easier, because the Internet has made so much available — often for free — right at your fingertips, in a flash. You just have to know what to look for, how to efficiently compile your findings, how to compare and analyze the data, and how to turn your discoveries into action. When you purchase this Webinar, you will learn concrete, usable information that will help you prioritize your competitors and identify where to direct your competetive action.

With your order of this valuable recorded webinar, you’ll also receive for FREE the accompanying templates in StepByStep Toolkit for Establishing Your Competitive Edge, an additional $47 value for FREE.


Recorded Webinar
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SBS Template
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SBS Template
Toolkit for Establishing Your Competitive Edge

This recorded webinar is hosted by sales and marketing expert Diana Pohly – Diana will walk you through how to complete the templates and why each step is important. You’ll get hands-on guidance about marketing research strategy that uncovers the power of your brand and we’ll show you, step-by-step, how to:

  1. Define Your Business. Any strategic marketing planning has to start with who you are, who your customers are, and what you sell. And with this standard template, you’ll see exactly which things matter when defining your own business, so that your competitive strategies are built on a solid understanding of your own position.
  2. Identify Your Competitors. The next step in your competition strategy is to make a list of your competitors. Literally write down, right in the template, all of your competitors. This may sound simple, but it can be tricky if you think you have no competitors (everyone does) or that you have too many to list. Diana Pohly will show you how to do this effectively, so that your list is complete and relevant. You’ll even get some resource ideas about how to identify previously unknown competitors. Your competitive strategy will be useless if you don’t follow this step in the right way.

  3. Rank Your Competitors. Once you’ve compiled a list of your key competitors, you must rank each one, based on your own market status. You’ll discover the right way to do this, step-by-step, with Diana Pohly’s help. And your market strategy will become clearer when you take the time to thoughtfully rank each competitor. With the free template you’ll receive for ordering this Webinar, ranking your competitors will be fast and easy.

  4. Analyze Top Competitors. Once you reach step #4, you really have to put your thinking cap on. Now that you have clearly defined your own business, identified your competitors, and ranked the competition against yourself, you have to identify the key considerations that make strategic competitive initiatives valuable to your business. Your entire market feasibility and presence hinges on knowing this. Diana Pohly will show you how to analyze your top competitors for the things that matter, with examples from different types of businesses.

  5. Compare Competitors to Your Business. Competitive business intelligence is very valuable when you reach this step. Finally, you’ll see exactly how you rate versus your competitors. In this Webinar, Diana Pohly will walk you through the process of comparing yourself to your competitors, using all the data you’ve compiled and with the key consideration set you’ve prioritized. Your competitors will be at a distinct disadvantage without this information and effort.

  6. Create Your Competitive Edge. The final step in this Webinar is to clearly state each way you are different from your competitors. You will learn effective ways to state your unique market position, so that marketing and sales messaging will be consistent and powerful. Diana Pohly will help you clarify your competitive edge…and you’ll even be able to print out your “Competitive Edge” document to share with all your key staff.

When you order this valuable recording training Webinar, you’ll be on your way to maximizing the power of your competitive advantage. Act now and order How to Identify and Prioritize Your Competitors with 6 Easy Steps. We look forward to helping you establish your competitive edge, step-by-step.

To your success,

Diana Pohly
President, The Pohly Company
Founder, StepByStep Sales & Marketing for Small Business

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