Recorded Webinar: How to Create Your Own Brand TopSheet and Elevator Speech in 4 Easy Steps

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Brand identity development is a critical component in any organization’s business planning process. To know who you are, what you do, what you promise, and what you value are important first steps to making sales, getting new customers, keeping existing customers happy, and running a company that is efficient and prosperous.

You may even have a pretty good idea in your own mind what your brand identity is all about. And while that’s helpful, it’s much better to document your vision in a process that captures all the important data points and produces a crystal-clear brand identity to share with everyone on your team. Because when you actually go through a step-by-step process to develop your brand identity, the results will become part of everything you do, day after day — you will truly “live” your brand when you follow this process!


Recorded Webinar
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SBS Template
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To complete your organization’s brand identity — so that sales and marketing messages are consistent, powerful, and on-point — you must create a Brand TopSheet and Elevator Speech™ that capture your value proposition and that convey your brand promise and identity to customers, prospects, and employees alike. Whether you sell directly to consumers … or to other business professionals … or to both … your efforts will be more effective if you have a Brand TopSheet and Elevator Speech™ at-hand.

With your order of this valuable recorded webinar, you’ll also receive for FREE the accompanying templates in StepByStep Toolkit for Creating Your Own Brand TopSheet and Elevator Speech™, an additional $47 value for FREE.

This recorded webinar is hosted by sales and marketing expert Diana Pohly — Diana will walk you through how to complete the templates and why each step is important. You’ll get hands-on guidance about brand positioning and brand messaging that will uncover the power of your brand. And we make it easy in a step-by-step fashion that will show you how to:

STEP 1. Define Your Organization’s Value Proposition. With 3 easy steps, you’ll capture your organization’s mission statement; the 8 key words that describe your company’s values; and a one-sentence “Passion Statement” that combines your company’s functional capacity with your emotional commitment to excel at what you do.

STEP 2. Describe Your Company’s Marketplace. With this step, you’ll complete five key sections that describe what business you’re in; areas and regions you serve; your primary customer segments; the products or services you offer; and how you market what you have. It’s easy to do with this step-by-step template.

STEP 3. Create Your Own Brand TopSheet. Your Brand TopSheet is a one-page printable document that captures the internal components of your brand — your mission, your core values, and your “Passion Statement” — and the external components that include your market and your brand promise to customers and prospects. Finish it off with a pithy statement about how you are “BEST IN THE WORLD” at [you’ll fill in this sentence yourself during the Webinar].

STEP 4. Create Your Own Elevator Speech™. Your Elevator Speech™ is exactly that — a speech that you can deliver to anyone you meet on an elevator (or anywhere else), that tells your company’s story in 15 seconds or less (or 5 floors or less!). The easy-to-use templates will populate most of the data you’ve already entered, all in neatly designed formats for printing and handing out to everyone on your team.

When you order this valuable training Webinar, you’ll be on your way to maximizing the power of brand identity marketing. Act now and order How to Create Your Own Brand TopSheet and Elevator Speech™ in 4 Easy Steps. We look forward to helping you develop your own brand identity, step-by-step.

To your success,

Diana Pohly
President, The Pohly Company
Founder, StepByStep Sales & Marketing for Small Business

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