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Order the recorded webinar series Branding Made Easy™ hosted by sales and marketing expert, Diana Pohly. StepByStep Sales & Marketing for Small Business offers a complete how-to method for competitive brand-identity planning that is essential to your business success. It’s a part do-it-yourself system and part lean-on-the-experts series of recorded training events.

Completing the Branding Made Easy™ system will help you:

  1. Clearly identify your key competitors and what makes you uniquely different

  2. Ensure you understand and can leverage your core competitive advantages

  3. Find more and better prospects to increase your sales

  4. Define your brand attributes and develop a Brand TopSheet

  5. Complete an Elevator Speech™ that will keep everyone that works with you on target and on message in every market you serve


SBS Template
Creating Your TopSheet & Elevator Speech

SBS Template
Creating Profiles of Your Best Prospects

SBS Template
Establishing Your Competitive Edge

With your order of these valuable Webinars, you’ll also receive for FREE all the accompanying templates to help you accomplish these critical business processes, an additional $141 value for FREE.

The Branding Made Easy™ system is a series of 3 recorded webinar training events, complete with easy-to-follow templates, that will provide you with the guidance and format you need to develop a quality brand identity and competitive position. Sign up for all three events as a package and complete the entire program over the course of just a few days. Or, sign up for any individual event that you need.

Module 1: How to Identify and Prioritize Your Competitors with 6 Easy Steps

This one-hour training webinar provides hands-on guidance for small business owners and managers who want to quickly identify their key competitive advantages versus their direct competitors. With a step-by-step template, users will input and complete important competitive data and arrive at strong differentiating aspects of their business. Sign up now. [goes to Purchase page for all 3 events] Or Read More.

Module 2: How to Identify New Prospects for Business Growth in 3 Easy Steps

Continuously identifying prospective customers, and ensuring you know what makes a good customer for your business, is a constant challenge. This webinar will enable you to identify who your best customer is and based on that profile, will also help you find the new prospect opportunities. Focusing on your best customers saves you time and money and finding new prospects will help you grow your bottom line. Sign up now. Or Read More.

Module 3: How to Create Your Own Brand TopSheet and Elevator Speech™ in 4 Easy Steps

This webinar helps participants to create their own Brand TopSheet for internal and external marketing messages, as well as a one-page Elevator Speech™ that will succinctly describe who the company is and what it does. Sign up now. Or Read More.

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