The Pohly Company has a deep heritage in custom publishing and custom content. Our work with private clients has resulted in a depth and breadth of experience in the publishing industry that is difficult to match. We have created new publications, redesigned and repositioned publications, and provided extensive marketing and sales support for a vast array of titles and websites. For publishers, our expertise translates into a wide variety of services that can help you in the short term or support you for the long term. We create content, we provide services to market the content, and we have a full capability in advertising sales services — in print and online — to monetize content. We are smart, fast, and flexible, and our capabilities and experience can help your business grow.

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    We create, market, and monetize both large and small programs for a wide range of publishers
    Our diverse case studies include programs developed for print, web, video, and mobile channels.
    Our capabilities include a wide range of strategic and tactical services all designed to get you results.