Ad Sales

Ad Sales Programs that Generate Customers, Revenue, and Growth

The Pohly Company offers media sales and consulting in print and traditional media markets. We go well beyond traditional magazine ad sales programs, boosting reach across multiple media channels with a focus on customized solutions that will improve your publication or website’s revenue results and help you increase your bottom line. In the custom content arena, our media sales and consulting capabilities are uniquely positioned to help you improve your magazine advertising sales, corporate publishing, association marketing, and/or custom publishing results. We also serve traditional magazine publishing and digital publishing markets with advertising sales representation capabilities further enhanced by our business-to-business market research, custom publishing, and design communications services.

Our success in creating powerful ad sales programs includes annual ad sales program growth of 20–50% year-over-year for select clients. We are able to achieve this proven, consistent success for both custom and traditional publishers through our strategic understanding of all aspects of media sales and media product development. We offer comprehensive domestic and some international advertising sales representation and top-notch business planning and strategic development services. The Pohly Company’s senior strategists and sales management professionals work with you to customize your media sales solutions and increase your bottom line, whether in print or online.

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