Sales Programs from a Results-Oriented Magazine Publisher

The Pohly Company is one of the top magazine publishers, offering complete publishing solutions for brands, associations, other publishers, and even agencies with publishing clients. Our services create buzz, win awards, and attract advertisers.

Magazines are a great way to engage your customers with content that is compelling and relevant – and to deliver on-point marketing messages. Working with an experienced publishing house means you’ll consistently have engaging content and a quality ad sales program.

As a publisher of magazines, The Pohly Company understands that it takes a precise combination of credible journalism and powerful marketing expertise to create custom magazines that break through the media clutter to fully engage time-starved customers and money-tight advertisers. For us, publishing magazines regularly wins awards and increases advertising sales for our clients.

As publishers of custom content for brands, we help clients such as Hannaford Supermarkets [link to case study] with their grocery marketing initiatives; we created an award-winning airline magazine with Continental Airlines [link to case study]; and our publishing work with Coca-Cola [link to case study] helps with their sales efforts.

Please check out our work in association publishing with magazines for clients such as the Association of National Advertisers [link to case study], the National Association for Convenience and Petroleum Retailing [link to case study], and the Boston Society of Architects [link to case study]. Associations have unique needs in serving their members, and The Pohly Company is one of the publishing houses poised to serve associations and non-profits with magazine publishing programs.

As magazine publishers, we also work with other publishing companies, to help with their magazines’ publishing. For some publishers, magazine design is all the help they need, and as a publishing company that is one of the premier design companies, The Pohly Company delivers. Check out our publishing design work in partnership with MIT’s Sloan School of Management [link to case study].

Magazine publishers like The Pohly Company make a great partner for any custom content program that engages your customers.

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