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Research Method Strategies that Offer Improved Customer Engagement

Engaged marketing – it’s not just a buzzword – it’s an entirely new way of thinking about strategic communications in an age of information overload. But in order to successfully engage, a market research company one must first understand the customer. The Pohly Company’s communications consulting and market research services offer clients effective ways to build customer engagement programs. We also offer custom publishing and custom content, media sales and consulting and design communications. Through our core capabilities, we give our clients the opportunity to strengthen their customer communications in a wide variety of ways. The platform of our market research strategy is simple – the more you know about what makes your customers act and react, the more you can do to engage them in the two-way conversations that compel them to take action. We are a market research company that has helped companies, associations, and publishers of all types both create new, and retool their existing marketing programs.

The Pohly Company offers the services of a market research company supported by custom content and a unique focus on customer engagement.

If your company needs market research or strategic communications assistance, look no further than The Pohly Company. Our communications services include:
•Audience definition, analysis and segmentation
•Qualitative and quantitative research
•Customer acquisition and retention programs
•Competitive positioning and market opportunity analysis
•Custom Content
•Advertising sales consulting

With over two decades of experience, The Pohly Company has created a long list of prestigious awards and satisfied corporate, association, and publishing clients. The Pohly Company is a diversified marketing and publishing services company, and is recognized as one of the leading customer engagement companies in the country.

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