Grocery Marketing

Work with Results-Oriented Grocery Marketing Specialist

Grocery marketing begins with stores that serve a wide variety of food products, household goods and medicinal products to local areas. Although most grocery stores rely on strikingly similar business models and product offerings, specialty retailers can differentiate their stores through target marketing and unique service offerings. A marketing plan for a grocery store can provide the guidance a startup entrepreneur needs to fill a lucrative niche in the local grocery industry.that engages your customers.

And one of the best ways to gain marketplace advantage for grocery retailers is with a powerful custom content publishing program. Grocery customers crave valuable and engaging content, in print or even on the Web. From recipes and product features to cooking tips and food-safety handling tips, there are many ways to provide valuable content. And some grocery retailers are finding that customers even want more generic “lifestyle” content from their local grocery.

Grocery marketing programs that include a custom publishing track are programs that pay back many times over. When you create compelling content and market your content to customers and prospects, content monetization is surely to follow.

And The Pohly Company has experience working with grocery retailers. From Whole Foods to Bloom to Hannaford Bros., check out these case studies about how grocery retailers have used powerful custom content programs to engage with customers.

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