Association Marketing

Association Marketing that Builds Your Membership

The Pohly Company’s association marketing and publishing programs support member engagement and growth.

To remain relevant to their members, associations must engage and inform them by providing valuable information year after year through their targeted association marketing programs. The Pohly Company understands how important it is for associations to create long-lasting, profitable relationships with their members.

Association publishing is about building membership and educating your membership with magazines, books, specialized services, events, and other products.

And association publishing has special needs that not any old publishing company understands. You need an expert partner that can identify your members’ needs; engage your members with compelling content; and monetize the content for the benefit of your members and your association.

The Pohly Company creates effective association publishing programs with high quality custom content. Your market is dynamic and so are our custom magazines.

Just check out some of our client case studies [insert links to NACS, ANA, BSA here] and see how your own association publishing program can prosper.

The Pohly Company’s custom publishing programs create a clear, differentiated, competitive position for your association. We also provide comprehensive media sales services, including magazine ad sales strategy and implementation and media kits with compelling graphic design execution. Our association marketing work has included working with some of the largest and most prestigious associations in the United States.

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