Advertising a Business

Advertising a Business Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Advertising a business effectively gets you the best return on your investment. Great ways to advertise your business are the ones that have low costs but reach a wide audience. Limiting your advertising to a company website or the occasional postcard in the mail to prospects is not the best way to advertise your company. Good advertising requires planning and creativity.

Sometimes as an owner or key executive, you yourself are the best advertiser your company can have. Make yourself an industry expert, and parlay that into speaking engagements and — ultimately — more business.

Then there are all the typical ways for advertising a business: newspaper and magazine ads; radio or TV ads; flyers and coupons; direct mail marketing; personal networking; word-of-mouth; referrals from customers, clients, and friends; and, of course, signage.

And now, advertising a business — no matter how big — requires the digital angle: Internet ads and your own Web site; email promotions or e-letters; and learning all about how customers and prospects behave online.

Don’t forget community service and outreach, too, as great ways for advertising a business. These days, customers care more and more about knowing how companies they do business with are connected to the communities they care about. Such efforts on your part should always be honest and sincere, not gratuitous. So be careful not to appear to be pandering.

The Pohly Company is a sales, marketing, and advertising expert, to help just about any company or organization with advertising a business.

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