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Diana Pohly

Tapping the Power of Localized Thinking

Why a small-town outlook builds success for all companies


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“The death of “Small Town U.S.A.” . . . or maybe not!”, a post on Clay Forsberg’s blog, is about doing business in small towns. What Forsberg might not realize is her home-town secrets could work equally well for small companies everywhere as they build their brand identity marketing strategies.

Here are some of her insights for success, which she learned after years of doing business in Medora, Ind., a town that is in economic decline:

  • Embrace change and be flexible, because “The only security you’ll have today, especially in a small town, is yourself and ability to navigate the inevitable changes that will `slap you in the face’ when you least expect it.”

  • Embrace technology to become a location-independent micro-entrepreneur. “Technology will buffer you from the ups and down of a local economy,” Forsberg writes.

  • Embrace youth fully by hiring interns and young employees. “Don’t be part of a town that only tries to `hang on to yesterday,'” she cautions.

  • Spread your marketing net wider by serving customers beyond your community. Business security increases when a small company doesn’t think or market too locally.

“`Small Town U.S.A.’ doesn’t need to be a thing of the past, only a distant memory.” Forsberg concludes. “It needs only to change . . . to change its attitudes.”

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