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Small Businesses Should Think Twice Before Developing an App

Why small businesses shouldn’t launch apps


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It is much better to build a mobile website than to create an app, according to “Building an Optimal Mobile Experience: App vs. Site,” a post on the DreamScape blog. The blogger writes that although apps can stream 3-D video and deliver other appealing features, a mobile website works better for these reasons:

  • Mobile websites cost less to develop, and require less start-up time. “. . . a mobile website is essentially a different front end for a website,” the blogger writes, so “the development costs are lower than those of an App.”

  • Maintaining and updating a mobile website is easier than doing the same for an app.

  • Mobile websites avoid the “red tape” of making changes through Apple or Google. When it’s time to make changes, a company can simply make them without asking for permission.

  • Mobile websites work across platforms, on iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerries. There is no need to have a separate development team working for an app for each platform.

  • Mobile websites are “analytics-friendly.” The blogger notes that, “tracking clicks and behavior is as simple (and insightful) on a mobile site as it is on an old-fashioned webpage.”

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