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Diana Pohly

Sales: How to Qualify Leads with Just Six Questions

Subtle questions that turn callers into buyers


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According to sales consultant Mike Brooks, many companies scare away potential buyers by going into “pitch mode” instead of “qualification mode” the moment that potential buyers call. As a result, sales can be lost.

Brooks has a solution to the problem. In “6 Questions to Qualify Inbound Leads,” a post he wrote for his Openview Sales Blog, Brooks suggests using these subtle qualifying questions:

  • To determine whether a caller is an active shopper, ask “Who else are you looking into?”

  • To discover the buying motive, ask “What was it about our ad (or promotion or website) that motivated you to call us today?”

  • To detect how close or far the buyer is from making a purchase, ask “What do you like best so far?”

  • To assess further motivations to buy, ask “How long have you been thinking about something like this?”

  • To uncover possible objections, ask “What has kept you from acting on this?”

  • To learn the buyer’s timeframe for buying, ask “When are you looking to make a decision on this?”

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