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Case Study: Lessons You Can Learn from the Murphy Oil Soap YouTube Channel

Murphy Oil Soap on YouTube

Many companies have created YouTube channels to explain and promote their products and services. If you have one and would like to see how your page compares to one of the finest, spend a little time reviewing the YouTube channel that Murphy Oil Soap has created for its cleaning products.

Here are some best practices that could help you build a better channel of your own:

  • An attractive, well-branded landing page displays the company logo and tagline (“Trusted for more than 100 years”) against a wood-grained background. There is also a display of the bottles of the entire line of Murphy Oil products. As soon as the page opens, it begins to show an informative video, “What Kind of Wood Floors Do You Have?” that has been viewed more than 73,000 times.


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  • Prominent links to the company’s website and a product locator page help visitors find retailers that sell Murphy Oil products. Customers can also order products directly from this page.

  • Nine videos explain how different Murphy Oil products can be used in the home. They all feature the same product spokeswoman and are very well produced. There are also seven customer testimonial videos where actual customers explain the good results they have gotten from Murphy Oil products.

Overall, Murphy Oil’s YouTube presentation is clean, clear, and well executed. Incorporating the features described above can help your channel hit home with prospective customers as well.


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