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Advertising: Quick Response-Building Tactics from Author Drew Eric Whitman

Ten-second Copywriting Tips to Boost Ad Response by up to 70%

Drew Eric Whitman wrote Cashvertising, a book full of surprising tactics for using psychology to advertise more effectively and sell more. A recent post on the Ad Hustler blog explains some strategies that Whitman presented at the Affiliate Summit West conference:

  1. Avoid using ad headlines that are all in capital letters. According to Whitman, they slow customers’ reading time by 11.8%.


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  2. Don’t just show images of your products in videos. If you show people in the process of using your products instead, you can increase response rates and sales.

  3. Put your most important information in photo captions. Whitman states that information conveyed in those captions is two to three times more effective than information that is delivered in body copy.

  4. Avoid using the Times New Roman font in your ads. Whitman says that if you use a sans-serif font instead, two to three times more people will read your copy.

  5. Avoid using white type on a black background. Whitman has found that doing so will decrease your readership by 70%.

While these copywriting tips – and others that Whitman offers – don’t guarantee an increase in response, trying some of them may produce results you might not expect.

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