Publishing Companies

Publishing Companies with Expertise Can Make a Difference for Your Content Programs.

The Pohly Company is one of the top publishing companies to offer complete custom content and custom publishing services for a diverse group of clients, including brands, associations, and other publishers.

Working with an experienced publisher means you get compelling custom content and a quality ad sales program that will meet your needs and your budget. The Pohly Company offers ad sales for print, online, and traditional markets. Additionally, we produce award-winning content from top-notch designers and well-known writers from the worlds of corporate publishing, custom publishing, and traditional magazine publishing.

When you have great journalism, terrific marketing, and compelling magazine design, any magazine publishing program is positioned to succeed. And for anyone interested in creating magazines? Publishers like The Pohly Company are a perfect solution.

In addition to creating high-impact publishing programs, we offer the following services:

•Program strategy development and measurement
•Audience definition and profile
•Editorial strategy and content development
•Editorial positioning and publication redesign
•Design implementation
•Production and circulation management
•Web content creation
•Custom content

Publishing companies such as The Pohly Company are experts at defining your market differentiation and ensuring that you can gain competitive advantage in your marketplace.

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