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The Pohly Company partnered with Oppenheimer Funds to create its 50th Anniversary publication, which was distributed as a hard-bound book, a magazine, and a microsite on the web. Reaching this significant milestone in the company’s history was particularly gratifying as Oppenheimer’s offices had been located in the World Trade City in New York City at the time of 9/11. Creating a historical overview of the company, complete with pictures, required an extensive research project and lots of communication with Oppenheimer employees, both present and past. The re-created history formed the core of the entire content program.



A Proud History

The print publication created for Oppenheimer Fund’s 50th Anniversary was delivered in an over-sized, coffee table format in both hard and soft cover. Distributed to employees as well as advisors and customers, the issue provided a compelling story of achievement that was designed to engender pride in everyone associated with the company through the years.



Putting the Web to Good Use

Using the web as a primary research tool, Pohly created an internal microsite for Oppenheimer that invited employees to tell their stories and provide photographs.  Additionally, Pohly created an external microsite for delivering the 50th Anniversary content — chapter by chapter — to multiple audiences.


Bringing History to Life

Pohly further leveraged the content investment Oppenheimer had made in its 50th Anniversary by videotaping and recording past CEOs during the course of the project.  These CEO interviews were combined with compelling imagery from Oppenheimer’s past and produced as a 2.5 minute video that was posted on the 50th Anniversary microsite.