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American College of Emergency Physicians

Pohly created a new custom content program for ACEP that represented the organization’s first attempts to reach consumers (patients) in the emergency room.  ACEP wanted to change patients’ point of view about emergency room doctors and the highly specialized care received during an emergency room visit.


Creating a New Consumer Outreach Program

VitalCare was created as a quarterly publication distributed directly to emergency care waiting rooms around the country. The publication features timely articles on specific emergency care received by well-known people, interesting background on emergency room physicians and their functions within a hospital setting, and lots of great health and safety tips for parents of small children and the elderly. The program included an extensive business plan and full implementation of an advertising sales program as well as a direct marketing campaign to reach emergency room managers to encourage increased distribution.



Repurposing Content from Print to Web

In addition to a new consumer quarterly magazine, ACEP also undertook the development of a consumer-facing website. The website’s content strategy included extensive re-use of the content from the publication as well as additional web-only content of interest to parents with small children and caregivers for the elderly — both groups represented the most-frequent visitors to emergency rooms nationwide.