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Media Business Planning

The Pohly Company has a highly successful track record in planning strategic media programs. Planning is a critical component of media development and must be done in detail on an annual basis. Start-up planning is particularly important so that revenue estimates vs. costs can be developed in worst-case, mid-case, best-case scenarios.
Developing 3-year profit & loss projections is a typical outcome of quality planning. At the same time, creating a 3-year business plan goes beyond the financial spreadsheets. Audience definition, market sizing, a thorough (and impartial) competitive analysis, sales methodologies and associated costs, detailed revenue projections and direct cost analysis are all critical components of developing a quality plan.

Through our 30-years of experience launching new custom media programs, and repositioning and relaunching existing programs for our clients, we have a wealth of experience to bring to publishers to assist with media strategic planning. Our work covers print, web, video and mobile channels. Please contact us to see how our strategic planning capabilities can help your media programs.

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