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Developing a Compelling, Differentiated Market Position

Taking the time to investigate your markets, your competitors, and the relative position of your media within both, is a critical aspect of reaching your publishing goals. Too often, media producers, and especially start-up media, incorrectly assume that there is no direct competition for their unique offering. When in fact, there is always heavy competition for media dollars, no matter what sector you are in.
The Pohly Company offers extensive experience, and a host of services geared to helping publishers gather information, analyze it and make decisions that will help you improve your competitive position. Our analysis tools can also assist you in establishing sales territories and determining what each territory should return in revenue year after year.

Information is the key to success in the highly competitive environment in which all publishers are operating today. The Pohly Company works on content platforms that include print, web, video and mobile. Call us today to take advantage of our service in any of these areas:

  • Audience definition
  • Market sizing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market opportunity definition
  • Territory analysis and recommendations
  • Sales compensation planning within defined territories and markets

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