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Content marketing is more science than art. The investment that businesses have today in creating content to support business and marketing objectives is enormous. Web content, mobile content, video content, and yes, even print content are the lifeblood of creating and sustaining long-term customer relationships.

But so often the investment made in content creation is not leveraged to the fullest extent possible. Content needs to be evaluated and then extended across as many platforms as possible to be of the most value. Developing a content strategy, building an effective content matrix, and then working to distribution content via strong marketing programs is a service that The Pohly Company has been providing to global brands, associations, and publishers for 30 years. Our unique combination of strong marketing experience combined with outstanding publishing talent has resulted in a depth of experience that is hard to match.

Our publishing platforms include print, web, video and mobile and we don’t just create content, we market content and in many cases, we are also able to monetize content. See what our experience can do for your content programs.

Create. Market. Monetize. This is what we do.

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