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Create • Market • Monetize

The Pohly Company’s entire 30-year heritage is grounded in content creation. Originally founded in 1984 as one of the very first custom publishing companies in the country, our depth of experience in the use of content to enhance customer relationships and customer engagement is nearly unparalleled. As custom publishing morphed into “custom content,” and print platforms extended to digital ones, we have grown and expanded our capabilities and case studies right along with these changes.

Our publishing platforms include print, web, video and mobile and we work with some of the largest brands in the world. But our efforts also extended to associations, traditional publishers and small business audiences, all of whom have a need for content programs that work at an affordable price.

Fundamentally, content programs are created by talented individuals from a variety of disciplines: copywriting, editorial management, design communications and production and technical management. But talent must also be guided as content development must be strategic, focused and ROI-driven. That is where The Pohly Company’s unique marketing acumen combined with outstanding publishing talent comes in. We don’t just create content, we market content and in many cases, we are also able to monetize content.

Create. Market. Monetize. This is what we do.

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