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A Strategic Approach that Generates Customers, Revenue and Growth

Monetizing content programs for large brands has been a major focus for The Pohly Company throughout our history. Working in the airline in-flight category, retail, financial services and a host of other industries, we have developed highly-customized and very successful revenue programs for our clients. With results es that have included ad sales program growth of 20–45%, plus specialty distribution development and even subscription management in print and online, The Pohly Company brings a strategic understanding to all facets of content monetization. We offer a proven methodology built on quality research, strategic positioning, and exceptional program execution. Much of our work has also entailed developing sales teams for ad sales for custom content programs. Our teams generate revenue and results across all content platforms, including print, web, video and mobile. Contact us for more information on content monetization and other related services offered by The Pohly Company.

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