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Identify, Understand, and Compel to Action

To engage customers effectively, one must first understand who they are and what they want. The Pohly Company provides clients the opportunity to further enhance their investment in custom content programs through our content consulting and market research services.

The premise is simple: the more you know about what makes your customer tick, the more you can do to engage them in the two-way conversation that compels them to act. Discovering needs and desires first provides the foundation from which we can develop compelling and engaging custom content programs that produce desired results.

The Pohly Company works with global brands, associations, publishers and small business owners and our content platforms include print, web, video and mobile. Our unique combination of strong marketing experience combined with outstanding publishing talent has resulted in a depth of experience that is hard to match. Our consulting and market research services include:

  • Audience definition
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Customer acquisition and development plans
  • Market opportunity and competitive analyses
  • Content communication audits and plans
  • Performance metrics and evaluation
  • Archive and historical research

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