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StepByStep Sales & Marketing for Small Business™ is an online how-to resource for owners and managers of small businesses that will help you create a more effective competitive market position, and navigate the many pitfalls of creating a strong, effective, sustainable sales effort. The StepByStep program is brought to you by The Pohly Company, and its founder, Diana Pohly.

Diana has more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience working with some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Not only has she worked with big brands, but with many start-up brands as well. She is a recognized industry expert and is bringing her many years of experience to the StepByStep Sales & Marketing for Small Business program to benefit small and start-up businesses. StepByStep provides tips, tools, and techniques in a hands-on, how-to fashion that is easy to understand and easy to implement.

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By downloading free tip sheets, and using our tools and templates, you can help ensure that you are approaching your markets competitively, and hiring, training, compensating, and managing your sales staff in an effective (and profitable) way. Come on in, find out more and grow your business the StepByStep way.

    • Update and Improve Your Customer Testimonials

      If you take a little time to visit a handful of small business websites, you will notice that a lot of the customer testimonials on them seem stale. Some comments feel dated, while others seem like afterthoughts that were snagged from emails.


    • Pick Two Out of Three Product Qualities to Drive More Sales

      "Inside Sales Best Practices: Quality, Speed and Price – Pick Any Two," a post by Ken Krogue on the Sales Insider Blog, states that ". . . the product you sell is catered towards a specific audience. One that wants a quick product at a low cost, a quality product that is fast, or a fast product with a low cost."


    • Are Promoted Tweets the Next Google AdWords?

      If you've advertised with Google AdWords, you probably recall how excited you felt when you first learned all the advantages of using that ad platform. AdWords lets you test and select the most effective key terms that get your ad to appear in paid search results. Yet the biggest draw of AdWords is probably its low cost. You can set a strict budget for what an AdWords campaign costs you every day, and not spend a penny more.


    • Current Best Practices for Small-Business Content Marketing

      “7 Content Marketing Formats that Rock,” a post by Bernie Borges on the Optimize This blog, offers a useful checklist of content marketing options that work best for small companies today.


    • 10 Essentials for your Website

      If you have been through the process of building or rebuilding your company website, you already know how easy it can be to forget something essential. Your site goes live and then you realize that you forgot to include a new high-quality logo, social media icons, or other “must-haves” that may or may not have been a part of your original plans.



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  • Free Downloads
    • Free Tip 10 SMALL

      Free Tip Sheet: Online Advertising Tips

      Businesses that want to grow and thrive — even in a challenging economy — can do so with effective online advertising strategies. With the right strategies in place, you can maximize opportunities at affordable prices, with very low risk.


    • Free Tip 8 SMALL

      Free Tip Sheet: Getting New Customers

      Attracting new customers begins with having a well-crafted business development plan that ensures your efforts at prospecting for new customers are realistic and achievable. Because getting new customers is the key to ensuring profits for the long term.


    • Free Tip 9 SMALL

      Free Tip Sheet: Generating Sales Leads

      Is face-to-face selling as important as it once was? Do your salespeople get customers and prospects to divulge their needs and problems…and how your company can solve those? What about the ability to close sales? A smart, well-trained sales force will ensure that you are continuously driving sales and profits!


    • Free Tip 7 SMALL

      Free Tip Sheet: Direct Mail Marketing

      Our special free tip sheet on direct mail marketing tips is ideally suited for the busy professional. It’s concise and to-the-point, yet chock-full of specifics. Consider it your road map to profitable results whenever you send out any direct mail campaign.


    • Free Tip 2 SMALL

      Free Tip Sheet: Copywriting Tips

      Do you get writer’s block? Do you dread sitting down to write, even the most basic things that are necessary to sell your products and services? Copywriting shouldn’t be intimidating. And not every bit of writing should require you to hire an expensive copywriter.


    • Free Tip 5 SMALL

      Free Tip Sheet: Customer Profiling

      Customer profiling strategies, when properly executed, will help you develop a clear picture of your best customers. And when you know who your best customers are, it’s easier to know where to find more like them.


    • Free Tip 3 SMALL

      Free Tip Sheet: Business Research Methods

      Business Research Methods: Every business owner or manager should be doing research occasionally. But, what types of business research? What works best, and how much should it cost?


    • Free Tip 1 SMALL

      Free Tip Sheet: Brand Identity Marketing

      Do you want to learn the best way to get started with brand identity marketing? Discover the powerful strategies used by Apple, Starbucks, and other well-known brands to create an emotional bond with customers and prospects, to guide all your sales and marketing efforts to success!


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